Who We Are

  • We encourage and support content creation around Jerusalem & Palestine.
  • We empower creators with various skills for successful digital transformation.
  • We simplify e-commerce tools to accelerate digital businesses in Palestine.
  • We focus on the future, drive innovation and helping creators grow.

Jerusalem Web Presence


Jerusalem Web Presence.

  • Support digital content creation around Jerusalem and Palestine through contests.
  • Empower digital content creators with new skills to using a mobile as a production tool.
  • Encourage Eye witness reporting and provide free publishing platform.
  • Collect data on Jerusalem and share.
  • Offer free posting on the blog,
  • produce and publish video ads and maintain JERUSALEM.PS

P r o g r e s s


Accelerate digital businesses


Jerusalem Market

  • A multi-vendor platform with simple tools to sell your own physical and or digital products.
  • Secured and instant payment solution for vendors.
  • Marketing Support for vendors and products on our channels.
  • On location support for Partners from Jerusalem.
  • Online technical support for vendors, .
  • Educational videos: Hands on running a digital business.

P r o g r e s s

Multivendor Platform 100%
Partnerships| Ongoing 15%
Marketing 70%